OH Transmission Line

As the nation’s leading transmission and distribution construction contractor, ASKEC specializes in designing, building and maintaining transmission systems of any configuration, length and voltage, in any region and through any terrain.
Our innovative turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services, combined with unmatched resources and a global geographic footprint, ensure the expertise and equipment to deliver total, full-service transmission construction and maintenance solutions that consistently meet goals and exceed expectations:
Provides a full scope of Engineering Procurement, construction and maintenance services for electrical transmission systems up to and including 500kV.
Our primary focus is on EPC construction of High voltage and Extra high voltage overhead transmission lines and substation of 380KV and MV/LV distribution and maintenance of existing overhead transmission line networks.
The electrical division of the Company is geared to undertake projects through+ competitive bidding on “turnkey” bases including engineering, procurement and construction of power system networks.
The department is fully equipped and capable of handling large sized projects of HV & EHV transmission lines, distribution substations and networks and diesel power plants.
All project planning, initial and final designs, material procurements, execution of the projects till final commissioning are handled by qualified and experienced teams of engineers and professionals, using state of the art equipment, latest technologies and essential soft-wares.
Various stages of the projects from preliminary survey until final hand over to the respective clients are very closely monitored by an independent cell giving high priority to the safety and security concerns, during project executions and achieving the desired targets.
The company is having a qualified team of engineers, supervisors and skilled workers sufficiently equipped with full range of tools, machinery, equipment, vehicles etc .is possessed by the division to produce quality work for due and proper project implementation, in accordance with the client requirements and international practices.
All big and small project activities are executed by the company’s own specialized groups, including but not limited to the following.